Woman Afraid Of Dogs Adopts One Who Is Afraid Of People And They Become Inseparable

Through a touching narrative that she published on TikTok under the handle ketophoria, Teresa Hwang demonstrated how love can triumph over all challenges. Before meeting Boo, the adorable little animal that entirely won the 51-year-heart, old’s she was terrified of dogs.

After being bitten twice, Teresa, a special education teacher at an elementary school in Oakville, Canada, has suffered from this severe fear for the most of her life.

On that social media platform, Teresa and Boo’s tale received over 1.6 million views and 449.9 thousand likes in only a few days. Boo stayed at the shelter before meeting Teresa and experienced dread of people.

Considering that the woman and the dog have been growing together for two years, their coupling was unquestionably a match made in heaven. The pair had to make incremental progress, and in order to do so, they constantly kept love and patience in mind. Bored Panda was informed by Teresa:

“I still find it hard to believe I own a dog, much less that I adore him as much as I do Boo. He is like the son I never had, I tell people. He doesn’t simply need and love me; I also adore him. I adore him for everything that makes him who he is, including the joy he has brought into my life.”

The lady said that when she was 10 and 20, the dogs of her friends bit her in the forehead and leg, respectively. As a result, she developed a fear of dogs and eventually had to cross the street to avoid coming into contact with one. even when they were on a leash.

When she went to see someone who had a dog at home, she begged them to take the animal out of the area so she could remain calm. Even while he occasionally was able to converse briefly with dogs who were generally nice, he was usually terrified when they snarled or barked when playing.

Teresa’s boyfriend had been pleading with her to have a dog for a while, but the decision wasn’t made until two years ago when they agreed to look after her sister’s 16-year-old puppy for two weeks. Before visiting Niagara Dog Rescue, where they met Boo, then known as Patches, the duo conducted extensive research on several rescue facilities.