When The Dog Jumps On The Baby In The Yard, The Parents Become Alarmed Before Noticing The Baby’s Foot

Tennessee couple Bryan and Alicia Holloway would often let their 18-month-old toddler, Bryson, play with their family dog in the yard. Their bright Australian Shepherd dog, named Shiloh, would always be gentle with Bryson, so the Holloways were sure that their kid was safe with the dog, writes ilovemydogsomuch

One day, the parents panicked when they saw Shiloh aggressively lunging at Bryson while playing in the yard. For a second, the Holloways doubted the dog’s intentions. But then they saw a huge Copperhead snake crawling by their son’s foot! Shiloh didn’t care about his own life and immediately attacked the snake!

Within the next few seconds, Shiloh used his body to shield his tiny human brother from the snake. The snake escaped the yard but the dog shivered uncontrollably and collapsed on the ground.

The parents realized that their brave pooch had been bitten by the venomous snake. They rushed Shiloh to the hospital, where he received timely antibiotics and antihistamines that saved his life!

Shiloh endured immense swelling and pain for a few weeks, but he’s doing okay now. The family is extremely grateful to Shiloh for rising up in the face of danger and saving their little boy.

They consider themselves blessed to have such a loyal and brave companion by their side. As for Shiloh, he proudly considers himself to be the bona fide protector of the Holloway clan!

Click the video below to watch a report on how Shiloh heroically battled the snake and saved baby Bryson’s life!