Unique Orange and Black ‘Fox’ Poses for Friendly Photographer

After interactions that lasted for about two months, a photographer named Sam Gaby managed to earn the trust of a fox living in Newfoundland.

This creature was no ordinary one and Sam was able to build a special bond with the fox. It gave the photographer the opportunity to capture mesmerizing photographs of this unique fox in its natural habitat.

It is easy to encounter cross foxes if you are a resident of North America. They are a common sight there. These gorgeous creatures own an orange coat mixed with dark stripes that run across their shoulders and back. Around 30% of the Canadian red fox population consists of these cross foxes and they are definitely a sight worth seeing.

Sam had to put in so much effort to gain the fox’s trust. The determined photographer was not ready to give up and visited the fox at sunset. Finally his attempts succeeded.

The fox felt relaxed around Sam and his camera. After two months passed, Sam came back a few times to check on his newfound buddy. These visits were rather enlightening given the fact that the humans learned more and more about the fox each and every day.

The firefox sibling was also observed in the photographs, playing along and spending time together. Sam watched as the firefox hunted, hid, retrieved food, and socialized with the others of his kind. The photographer found his animal subject to be beautiful, intelligent as well as playful. He even named the two siblings Pat and Mat.

#1. Just look into those fiery orange eyes.

#2. Giving the photographer the mean look.

#3. Now, how adorable is that face?

#4. Posing like a pro.

#5. Dark as the night and fiery as a flame.

#6. Playful banter it is.

#7. Giving us the don’t you dare mess with me look.

#8. Yawning while showcasing all those sharp teeth.

#9. Spending quality time with my sibling be like.

#10. A picture worth being painted.

#11. They call me the firefox.

#12. Treading through the wild paths.