This Blind And Deaf Dog Has No Idea That He Is Different And Is Very Happy With His Family

Buster, a 15-year-old Poodle-Chihuahua mix who is blind and deaf, has been living with his human parents in Florida since he was a young puppy. Buster had good vision for the majority of his life before glaucoma developed in both eyes.

Last year, one of his eyeballs became inflamed, and the veterinarian thought it was better to remove it. Since that time, he has entirely lost his ability to see out of his other eye, but it hasn’t stopped him from being the most loving and content dog.

Additionally hearing-impaired and toothless, Buster is. His tongue protrudes from his mouth all the time.

Buster occasionally dons sunglasses to shield his one eye.

Buster’s mother, Karen Rhea, said:

He doesn’t always wear them, but I do so to shield his other eye when he leaves the house.

The pair like doing everything together, and Buster also has a brother named Biskit, an 8-year-old dog who was adopted from a Florida shelter in 2011.

“Biskit and Buster get along great. They share an adjacent bed.”