The kind family adopted the disabled dog and did everything to make him the happiest ever

This dog you see was found in Romania. He was lying on the railway, alone and helpless.

He was in a rather weak condition. Rescuers thought it had been hit by a train or mistreated by humans. A woman saw him in that condition and immediately took him to the clinic. They did not expect the dog to live.

He was in a terrible condition. All the teeth and the beard were damaged and broken. He could not even breathe. He was spotted by a woman named Kate at the rescue center.

She fell in love with this sweet little dog so much that she decided to take all the responsibility and adopt him. The woman and her husband did everything they could to cure the dog. It is true that love can heal any wound. At first they put a foot prosthesis.

They wanted to do nose surgery, but the veterinarian advised them not to take the risk. The wound may remain open. After much thought, they concluded that the pet did not need any surgery. He felt great, and very safe. He still looked perfect.

They called him Bonnie. The dog is a very lively and active. He does everything that other “ordinary” dogs do. He just has a great time and nothing prevents him from being happy and enjoying life with his beloved owners.

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