The Dog Found Her Twin While Out On A Stroll And Convinced The Owner To Bring Him Home.

If you saw someone that resembled you, you would undoubtedly try to get to know them and connect with them. This tale shows that animals share this urge with humans on an equal footing.

Roger, Betty’s dog, and her were out on a stroll. Suddenly, their attention was pulled to a dog who resembled Roger almost exactly. Such a coincidence could not have gone unnoticed, so she stopped and took a closer look at the stranger.

At a farmer’s market, volunteers had organized an adoption event to assist shelter animals find new homes. Bisty the dog was out for a stroll there. The only thing that set Bisty and Roger from from one another was their gender.

Betty had no intention of having a second dog, but after meeting Bisty, her viewpoint has changed. She immediately fell in love with this puppy, and Roger didn’t want to part with her twin.

They immediately became friends. Now residing with Betty and her fiance are two dogs who appear to be identical to one another. It’s fascinating, isn’t it?

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