Starving And Thirsty 5-month-old Puppy Was Found Outside In The Heat, With Mouth Taped Shut

A adorable puppy who had heat exhaustion was discovered a few days ago in the vicinity of San Antonio, Texas. Five-month-old Bonnie, according to San Antonio Pets Alive, was abused. The organization for animal rights claims:

“With a whole roll of tape covering her mouth, Bonnie was discovered outside in the sweltering heat. Her mouth and nose are pallid and swollen from poor circulation. Her bald spots are highlighted by the scars and blood left on her scalp by the tape’s strong hold. She was similarly dirty when she was placed in our care.”

“After about five months and six pounds of adorable baby weight, a monster abducted her. Under those circumstances, she was unable to hydrate herself, eat, urinate, bathe, or even breathe regularly. Her skin and bones may be seen when you draw back her fur.”

In a Facebook update about Bonnie’s condition on Monday, the shelter stated: “The best course of treatment for her is still up in the air. She is still unable to stand despite having a normal heart rate and blood pressure.

She is growing and receiving a lot of affection. Her favorite stuffed animal is a dinosaur.” Bonnie is not currently available for adoption. The organization asserts.

“As soon as she is healthy enough to be adopted, a loving family will be found for her.  She is still a long way from being prepared for a stable household.” Anyone thinking about adopting is advised to think about one of the many other homeless animals the organization is in need of.

“You are giving a baby a home and an animal in need a kennel when you adopt or foster a pet. We urgently require more room in order to save more precious lives. They are imprisoned because there isn’t any more room.”