Rattlesnake Latches Onto Dog & Bites Him 5 Times As Dog Tries To Break Free

The rattlesnake seized ahold of him and smelled the poor canine five times.

“ As I approached him, I saw a snake cartwheeling in the air and when I got up to him, I kept him between me and the snake and when I went to snare him, big mistake, there were multiple snakes,” his proprietor, Fritz Brownell, told KTVB.

Toad’s possessors rushed him to the war horse, but unfortunately the venom had formerly taken effect and he began bleeding from his lips and epoxies.

The stagers snappily examined him and saw that he was bit on both sides of his face, and several times on his frontal left leg. He swelled uncontrollably, but the towerer gave him an antidote treatment.

His possessors stressed he would not make it, but luckily he pulled through. As Toad continues to heal, his possessors are now advising other pet possessors to be apprehensive of their surroundings where rattlesnakes might be.

Idaho Fish and Game says the stylish thing to do right now is to keep your tykes on a leash while out walking in the foothills or desert.
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