Rae, an adorable Golden Retriever, with one floppy “unicorn” ear and a very unique look has become an internet sensation

Rae was seriously injured when he was born. Her mother bit his one ear and he left with one ear. He looks like a unicorn.

He was brought to a veterinary clinic and left there. But he was a healthy puppy with only one ear. The veterinary clinic worker named Brianna Voorhees decided to adopt the little puppy.

Her Golden Retriever died of cancer a few days ago and she found a bond between the two. Brianne took care of the dog and treated him like a child. Rae found his warm caretaker.

When he got better his only ear came to the forehead and doctors couldn’t explain why this happened. Since then he has been called a “unicorn”. However, Rae hears perfectly with one ear.

He responds to his name and commands immediately. This one ear makes him famous. He has more than 200K followers on Instagram. Please SHARE this story with your friends and family.