Puppy Thrown Off A Bridge With Mouth Taped Shut Is Reunited With His Savior And Can’t Stop Thanking Him

An act of kindness goes a long way and will always be appreciated, even by animals. One night, Bob Hoelter decided to walk to his favorite store instead of driving.

As he was crossing a bridge to get to the store, he heard a weak and sad whimper that was coming from below. He went under and around the bridge to look for the hurt creature.

When he finally saw him he was heartbroken to see a scared puppy with his mouth taped shut. The poor dog had been thrown off the bridge by his previous owners.

Hoelter immediately took the puppy to the nearest hospital, the Griffith Animal Hospital. The hospital’s manager, Lori Kovavich, set the puppy’s treatments as an immediate priority.

The first thing they did was removing the tape around his muzzle, that had really damaged the skin. They gave him antibiotic ointment and injections.

They also discovered that the puppy had a broken leg which would require surgery. Once they finished the initial treatment, they made a cozy bed for the puppy.

After the story of the puppy went viral a local family, The Wittings, instantly fell in love with the puppy and decided to adopt him, and named him Louie.

At that point, the man who saved the puppy was still unknown, since he just brought him to the hospital and went away without saying his name, but one day Hoelter’s niece saw the clinic’s Facebook post about Louie’s story and made their reunion possible.

When the puppy was finally reunited with his hero, he instantly recognized him and ran to show him all the love he could, this was his way to thank the man who saved his life.

Louie just wouldn’t stop licking Hoelter’s face. Nobady thought Louie would recognize his hero, but dogs never fail to surprise us. Today Louie lives with the Wittings, his new family, but we are sure he will never stop being grateful to the man who saved his life