Puppy Gets Bored On A Long Flight And Decides To Entertain The Passengers Behind Him

When Huxley’s mom took him on his very first plane ride, the Golden Retriever puppy soon discovered what we all know: planes are boring.

Huxley got annoyed when his mom didn’t provide him with the attention and entertainment he demanded, and he decided to teach her a lesson and take matters into his own hands.

The pup seemingly reasoned that if his mom wasn’t willing to shower him with attention, perhaps someone else was! So, Huxley left his mom’s side and went to sit down next to the man in the row in front.

“He spent 30 minutes in that seat; the man next to him said he was a very good passenger and the man across the aisle was taking selfies with him,” Huxley’s mom said in an interview with the Dodo.

While in the seat, however, Huxley realize that his mom had opened a snack! Huxley pressed his face between the seats trying to reach the chips. He stretched his tongue out as a far as he could, squooshed his nose between the seats and pulled the goofiest, most adorable faces ever.

He couldn’t quite reach them, but suddenly he had all the attention he could need; his hilarious facial expressions were making everyone around him laugh.

Huxley happily entertained his fellow passengers and spent the rest of the plane ride cheering everyone up. Apparently plane rides don’t need to be so boring after all! Hopefully, we’ll all get to fly with such a cute travel companion one day.

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