Puppy bursts into tears when he realizes he’s being rescued after being abandoned

A poor pup was found abandoned with a cardboard box and a towel as its only source of comfort. Puppy bursts into tears when he realizes he’s being rescued after being abandoned

So they took him to the veterinarian for all the routine checkups. This poor dog looked sad, crying because of his pitiful state. He was in pain, and it was obvious though the doctor still had to run some tests to find out what was causing it.

Those eyes were filled with, as the video described, pain and melancholy. Finding him on the road all alone meant the dog was exposed to all sorts of pollution and dirt. He had ticks all over him, which must have been unbearable since he had so many wounds as well.

And then the vet found bite marks all over his frail body. Even there, on the veterinarian’s table, the poor dog kept trembling in pain and fear. His wounds were festering and he was suffering from leptospirosis.

It’s curable though the mortality rate is high. The only theory they could come up with was that maybe this dog kept getting bullied by bigger dogs under the care of a neglectful owner.

Under the care of the rescuers and his vet, this poor pup had to stay in a cage while undergoing treatment. He did receive lots of food while they would talk to him.

And the good news is that this once abandoned pup responded well to all his treatments! It only took twelve days for this good boy to feel better, to the point that he wanted to get out of his cage. It was boring after all.

He’s no longer crying, and in fact, he even looks up and gives a smile every now and then! When the veterinarian turned over the new leptospirosis analysis to the lab, all they got was good news!

Now look at him getting all frisky in that cage. They named this strong boy Fedor. And after two months of intensive care and meticulous treatments, Fedor was soon out and about, walking happily and barking positively at everyone around him.

It’s like he was a totally new dog! “Fedor was truly a brave and resilient warrior.” the narrator says. And indeed he is! Fedor is healthier, happier, and definitely stronger. Just look at the way he wolfs down that piece of chicken. Get that protein in there, you good boy!

He will be getting his vaccines and then re-examined before he gets the go-ahead to go back home. And this time, it’s a much better home, thanks to his rescuers.

Fedor gets to live the rest of his years as a happy, healthy dog with lots of cuddles and snuggles in his new forever home. Watch the video below for Fedor’s beautiful transformation!

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