Pooches Donate Infant a Sleigh Ride Through the House and It’s Fair Irresistible

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The video below, posted by TikTok account @SarahKpilot, exemplifies what the holidays are all about! Lovely Christmas decorations? Check! Dogs with antlers dragging an infant around the house? Check! Is that a cute baby giggling his head off at all of this? Check! This video is beyond hilariously adorable.

Check it out and prepare to forward it to everyone you know!It’s fantastic in every way! This video has nearly a million views and it’s easy to see why!

“This wins Christmas! So dang cute!” writes @Jeanharris. “This wins Christmas! So dang cute!” “The joy in that baby’s face is priceless! Parenting WIN!!” adds @Gingergirl27. @Supernatural60 says, “I loved it. Thank you for the laugh. Leave it up to daddies to come up with a concoction.”

We adore it, and what a beautiful moment for this baby to cherish as they grow older! It’s all too adorable. The dogs appear to be having a good time as well. Holiday parenting success!