Paralyzed sad puppy drags herself to get help

There’s nothing more heart-wrenching than seeing an abandoned dog, and when that dog is injured, it becomes a matter of urgency to form sure the pooch is safe and well. Now, imagine that you simply found this injured dog in Botswana.

Botswana may be a South African country with sparse water and a dry, desert-like climate. As if this weren’t challenging enough, it’s also home to a number of the foremost dangerous animals on the planet! We’re talking lions, cheetahs, wild dogs, and rhinos.

It’s no place for an abandoned pooch. But luckily, this tiny dog was in the right place at the proper time. A team of volunteers for a project called Eco Exist was working in the northern Okavango region in remote Botswana. The project’s aims are to scale back conflict and foster coexistence between elephants and other people, so Susanne Vogel and her team certainly weren’t expecting to return across a stray dog during their research. But shockingly, that’s exactly what happened.

Researchers couldn’t believe it when a paralyzed puppy dragged herself into their remote camp at some point. The poor little thing, named Poppy, was terribly injured and needed urgent help. She had spotted the team of volunteers and had bravely approached them during a desperate plea for them to assist her. Click Next to continue the story.

It was an entire mystery on how this miracle pooch had survived thus far in an environment filled with deadly predators. The volunteer knew that they needed to act now. Susanne said, “She came crawling — literally crawling because her back legs were completely immobilized — into our research camp. She was unable to steer, but filled with love and seeking help.” See how she sits, and her little legs crossed sort of human’s!

The volunteers examined Poppy’s injuries and decided that she must are in some quite accident, which had brutally crushed her spine and left her lower half completely paralyzed. They cleansed her and fed her, and that they probably showed her more love than any person has wiped out an extended time. The volunteers then put Poppy in their car and took her to the closest vets.

It was getting to be a tense moment as they acknowledged whether she was getting to survive or not, but despite probably being in an unprecedented amount of pain, brave Poppy just can’t keep the smile off her face. The vets discovered that tiny Poppy was only around seven months old. They said that her survival rates were very low. But the volunteers knew that Poppy was especial. She was a fighter.

Bobby started rehabilitation exercises to strengthen her hind legs. Amazingly, the volunteers managed to boost over $10,000, which might go toward helping their especial little fighter to urge stronger and hopefully survive.

After many therapy, Poppy could now stand on all four legs for a couple of seconds at a time. What a tremendous transformation. She paid another visit to the vets, who unfortunately gave the sad news that Poppy’s spine couldn’t be operated on.

However, since doing her therapy, Poppy was not showing any signs of pain — which was the foremost important thing. The clever girl was fitted with the set of wheels to assist her race around. Go and see her!

Things were looking up — which wasn’t all. Poppy was close to be adopted! Mary Beth Hastings from Washington, D.C, decided that she loved Poppy such a lot, she would bring her back to the States with her. The little pup now shares a loving home with the Hastings family and lives a life that’s drastically different from the one we want to have. We’re so happy that Poppy finally got her happy ending.