No One Wants To Adopt This Dog Because Of Her Unique Face

The dog’s facial features are not like other normal dogs, writes kenhthoisu

Meagan Hanley, the founder of A Place for Ace rescue in Massachusetts, determined they had to have Kleo as soon as she first saw a picture of her. At a shelter in San Antonio, Texas, Kleo was scheduled on the euthanasia list and had previously been adopted before being returned. Hanley was concerned that she wouldn’t find a new family in time, in part due of her unique-looking face.

Different from most dogs, Kleo has a bit of a crooked face and an underbite. Hanley could tell immediately that there was something special about her, and before long, Kleo was on her way to Massachusetts, and is now settled into her foster home in Boston.

Kleo adapted to her foster home remarkably quickly, and she is now having a great time. Change doesn’t really phase her after everything she’s already been through, and her foster mom is often in awe of what an incredible dog she is.

“Kleo makes the most out of every day,” Brianne Miers, Kleo’s foster mom, told The Dodo. “She truly has a zest for life — I joke that when I open up her crate door in the morning, it’s like she’s being shot out of a cannon. She’s a ball of energy and loves to go, go, go. She’s curious about all the new sights and smells around her, and so smart.”

Miers has fostered several dogs in the past, but none have ever been quite like Kleo. She’s continually amazed at how adaptable she is, and Kleo doesn’t appear to pay any attention to her variances in face features.

“She has a little snort when she gets excited, and due to her underbite, she can be a bit messy when drinking water or eating a crunchy treat,” Miers said. “Otherwise, she’s a normal happy, healthy dog! Luckily, she doesn’t know that she’s different from any other dog. I’ve seen folks give her a double take when we walk by, but she just keeps happily trotting along.”

Even while Kleo isn’t aware of her differences, others are, and this is regrettably what may have prevented Kleo from being adopted up until this point.

“Kleo came up on transport with 20 other dogs, and they all found great families fairly quickly,” Miers said. “Unfortunately, she hasn’t received any serious interest.”

Kleo is a really unique dog that will be the perfect addition to one very fortunate family. She is a little too excitable to live with cats and would do best in a family with only older children. She would be a terrific running or hiking partner and is looking for a family that leads an active lifestyle. She is very smart, therefore it is important to keep her occupied at home with games, puzzles, bones, and other dogs to play with.

Apart from that, all Kleo is looking for is love and acceptance. Although it’s been hard to see all the other dogs adopted before Kleo, her foster family is confident that the ideal family will ultimately find her.

“I think it just takes time for dogs like Kleo to find the right match,” Miers said. “She’s not what most adopters set out to find when they begin the adoption process, so it will take someone special to want her, crooked face and all. More importantly than falling in love with her looks, though, the adopter has to want a dog with her high energy level and intelligence, and have the time to give her lots of exercise and mental stimulation. We know the perfect home is out there!”

In the meantime, Kleo will continue to explore and enjoy life in her foster home, and they’re happy to continue to nurture and care for her until her forever family finally finds her. “She’s so inspiring, I think she has the potential to touch a lot of lives,” Miers said.

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