Every day, dogs bring us joy and happiness. Their lovely personalities, the affection they display, and their loyalty are just a few of the characteristics that distinguish them. It’s impossible not to fall in love with them when you gaze into their eyes.

Sara Nisevic, we believe, would agree. When she went outside to check on her dogs one day while they were playing, she noticed that they had made a new buddy. A cute little brown puppy was playing in her yard, which she knew did not belong to any of her neighbors.

Sara lives in a rural region and is familiar with all of the neighborhood pets. Dogs are unfortunately discarded in her area on occasion. She knew this was the case after one look at the sweet puppy, she explained: “We live in the middle of nowhere, and we know all the dogs in the valley.” “Unfortunately, the region is infamous for dumping dogs.”

This lucky dog was placed in the right location at the right time because not only did the puppy make friends with Sara’s dogs, but the two formed an instant attachment. She explained to The Dodo:

“As soon as we stepped outside to greet the puppy, he rushed up to us and began begging for strokes and kisses. I instantly felt a connection with him and knew he was our dog.”

Sara sought to discover out where the dog came from just to be safe. She advertised the dog on social media, canvassed the neighborhood for leads, and even took the dog to the clinic to be scanned for a microchip, but there was none.

She’d already formed a link with the dog she’d named Strudel, and she knew he’d become a member of her family. Strudel and her other dogs, especially Srna, had a lot of affection for each other.

Srna, an older rescue dog, was immediately smitten by Strudel. They enjoyed cuddling, so Sara purchased a larger dog bed for them to share. Strudel’s presence in their lives was predetermined from the outset.

She recalls, “Strudel is exceedingly kind and has been polite from the moment we met him.” “When he was summoned to come inside, he was cautious at first, but once inside, he quickly made himself at home.”

Strudel is at ease and content in his new home, and we’re overjoyed that Sara’s dog has embraced him into their yard and lives. “They’ve slept in that bed together every night since they moved in,” Sara said. She continues:

“He enjoys cuddling and lying in bed with you. He’s a lot of fun outside. He is always pestering his older sister Srna to play, nibbling on her legs because it is the only thing he can reach.”We love happy endings! Please share this story with your family and friends.