Man Pulls A Dog From The Desert Just As She Is About To Pass Away

When Matt Bentley was off-roading in the West Desert in the vicinity of the Salt Flats of Utah in January 2018, he spotted something moving along the trail. Due to the harsh nature of its look, at first he was unable to even determine what it was. On the other hand, as he approached closer, he saw that it was a dog. The dog was in such poor condition. It was emaciated and completely hairless.

Right there and then, Bentley realized that there was no way he could walk away from her like that. He did not waste any time in bringing her to the Utah Adoption Animal Clinic, where she received the necessary medical attention that she so sorely required. Even after everything that this young dog, who would later be given the name Kelly, had been through, she remained quite sociable and affectionate toward people.

After being treated by a qualified veterinarian and given the much-needed attention and affection, it was time for her to find a permanent residence three months later. Not much longer after that, Jamie Jacques and her family became Kelly’s adoptive parents. Kelly had little trouble adjusting to her new surroundings and even gained an older canine sibling in the form of Rocky.

When you see Kelly as she is today, it is impossible to believe that she was once a hairless puppy who was racing through the desert. Jamie and her family will be eternally grateful to Bentley for rescuing her and ensuring that she received the necessary medical attention after transporting her to a secure location.

After rescuing her more than a year ago, Bentley was finally able to reconcile with Kelly and was surprised to see how much she had changed in appearance.

He expressed his astonishment at her development and how far she has come in the previous year while tears welled up in his eyes as he spoke. Jamie remarked: ,,The emotions are so raw knowing what he did for her.”

As she choked back tears. ,,Because we don’t know how it would’ve turned out otherwise.” she added. ,,The emotions are so raw knowing what he did for her.” Remarking that it was knowing that she’s come full circle and she’s in the state that she’s in today.