Loyal dog sacrificed his own life to save owners from home intruder

There is no denying our dogs’ love and dedication to their owners, and even if the current tale is tragic, this loving dog gave his life to save his family!

When Achy Wijaya awoke in the morning in Merauke, Indonesia, he found his dog all but dead in their yard. The previous evening, Achy had overheard him barking. NtdNews reports that Achy was shocked to learn that his dog had intentionally been poisoned:

Achy wrote on her Facebook page, “Our wonderful dog continued barking, so they didn’t rob us. When we left the house in the morning, we only recently learned about it. We discovered that the crooks had poisoned our dog.”

The family claimed that they were asleep when a gang of criminals approached and prepared to rob them of their possessions, according to the unfortunate facts discovered.

No one looked because they thought their dog had found the cat despite their dog’s frantic barking. The dog stopped barking all of a sudden, and the following morning it was found near death, lying in its own vomit with a taste of froth, indicating it was lethal…

We had planned to take him to the vet, but since we live in Papua, the doctor usually only treats livestock, The vet clinic was also closed because it was a Sunday “Achy composed.

The family forced their dog to drink milk, oil, and coconut milk in an effort to help him, but he became too weak and died as a result. While Achy mourned the loss of his brave dog who gave

his life to save his family, he also recorded his pet’s last moments on camera in order to remember him and to caution others to pay attention when their pets bark.