Japanese Flying Squirrel Is Possibly One Of The Cutest Animals In The World

Have you ever seen these nice, small animals of fur? These are known as the Japanese flying squirrels, a little mammal that is capable of moving from branch to branch, because of their furry membrane (patagium) between the front and back legs.

While these beautiful beasts do not fly, they can float 100 meters away. These outstanding skills help them to escape from any predators or to reach other trees relatively simply.

#1. These charming flying squirrels are distributed from the Baltic to the Pacific coast of Japan and Europe and come within the class of flying squirrels from the Old World. They don’t hibernate during the winter, but sometimes, in winter, they snooze a couple of days. (Image Credit: escapemagazin)

2. Flying squirrels; as the name suggests do not fly, they glide between their forelegs and their rear legs using a fuzzy membrane called a patagium. Squirrels have glided over 100 meters using this membrane to evade a predator or just to reach another tree! (Image Credit: bewitchingworld)

Their soft fur and them being tiny in size is what makes these animals adorable. I would honestly pay to see this squirrel. (Image Credit: masatsugu.ohashi)

This cute squirrel is on a branch covered in snow. I would let it sleep in my bed till the winter is over. (Image Credit: sovietchild) Look at the way this squirrel looks at the camera lens with their cute tiny eyes and limbs. (Image Credit: Popshiretoko360)

I would not hesitate to say that this squirrel is the cutest animal that exists. (Image Credit: maqaroon) There are very few pictures of this species of squirrels. Check out this video of them. The image credit goes to the rightful photographer. We do not own any of these photos. Please contact us by any means necessary. Thanks