Few Days Old Puppy Saved From Garbage, Now Is Enjoying A Warm Bath In Sink

This story speaks about a 10-day-old pup, who was rescued from garbage just in time to have a second chance in life.

The small puppy who was rescued along with his 2 other siblings, who were all in very bad situations when they were found. So, the rescuers of DFW Rescue Me gave them a much-needed warm bath, which was very cute.

Thankfully, the pups were about to be euthanized, but saved just in time. The best thing is that they are now in safe hands in the rescue organization that is based in Dallas.

To make things even better, all the puppies were fostered by a caretaker, who volunteered to bottle feed the pups every two hours. The caretaker shared a video online showing one of pups taking a bath for the first time in the sink. It is more than cute. Watch the video below.

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