Dog Was Alone In The Woods Until This Kind Man Found Her

Outside of Sao Paulo, Brazil, a dog was wandering the forest by itself in appalling conditions. Alessandro Desco did not anticipate the circumstances in which he would discover the dejected pit bull when he answered the request to save the animal more than five months ago.

The major goal of Alessandro’s non-profit organization, “Ales Pits Team,” which he manages with the help of his two kids and six canines, is to rescue animals from the streets, particularly pitbulls. According to Bored Panda, he has given countless animals a chance to find a home.

She appeared to have been abandoned in the woods when the guy discovered the small dog, whom he called Athenea. Her eyes were dilated, and she had a significant rotting cut on her forehead. The man discovered her and went straight to the veterinary hospital.

The veterinarians were alarmed by his condition. Her eyes were closed and maggots were seeping out of the incision on her forehead. Her organ integrity was the primary worry; the circumstance was quite dire.

While at the hospital, Athenea underwent an ultrasound and x-ray. After the vets made an attempt to remove the larvae from her forehead, the dog started to react and eventually got up thanks to their persistence and the required medical attention.

Athenea looks sweet and kind today, and her eyes sparkle in a distinctive way. She is now a content and boisterous dog, and her difficult background is but a distant memory.