Dofighting ring gets cracked by burly bikers as they come to rescue dogs from their abusers

When people think about big, muscular, and tattooed bikers, they associate them with fearsome gang members who only love to ride with their bikes and scare people off.

The truth was far from those general speculations because this group of bikers has a big heart and a protective side.

They’re heroes in the dog community.

Rescue Ink

Rescue in is a nonprofit organization composed of big burly bikers who were dedicated to saving animals from the cruel clutches of careless owners.

Their organization started in 2007 when they were inspired by a local news story about a pit bull named Maximus who was chained to a tree and doused with gasoline.

The story fueled their desire towards saving animals from these kinds of people.

It’s all about second chances.

From then on, their goal was to give these animals a second chance in life the same way they were given one.

The group admits that they didn’t come from the best backgrounds. Some of them served time in jail due to money laundering while others were involved in a gang fight.

Yet, it didn’t stop them from making good with their second chance in life.

“We got second chances in life, so we want to make sure these animals and everyone else gets a second chance in life”. they said in an interview with Britannica.

From then on they began cracking dog fighting rings and tracking lost animals.

They also conduct fundraisers for animal shelters and deliver lectures on animal abuse. These men are taking animal rescue with dedication and style.

Tracking down lost animals isn’t easy.

They would often talk to unpleasant neighbors and deal with a difficult neighborhood.

Thankfully, the group is used to it.

They don’t take “no” for an answer.

They show up peacefully.

Their style is to show up as a group and convince the abuser to stop the neglect or they will find a new home for the animal.

However, there are some cases where they have to hand it over to the police. Nevertheless, their style of approach is a success.

They’ve saved hundreds of animals.

One particular event that landed them on the front pages was when they saved the bulldog owned by a friend of Howard Stern.

They were featured numerous times in the paper. But the best of it all was when they got their own reality show on the National Geographic Channel.

Their show was a success and well-received by many viewers.

“Eight guys on Harleys, tattooed head to toe, are coming to the rescue of New York’s animals. Rescue Ink is all about zero tolerance when it comes to animal abuse – and they’re not afraid to get a little in-your-face to prove it,” based on the description of the show.
Sadly, Rescue Ink closed in 2011. Nevertheless, their good deeds will forever be remembered by many people.

It showed people that anyone can save lives as long as you have the heart and dedication for it. Rescue Ink may have closed, but their legacy will remain.

Check out the good they’ve done in the video below!

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