Depressed Dog With “Potato Chip-Like Scales” Looks Completely Unrecognizable After He’s Rescued

Depressed Dog With “Potato Chip-Like Scales” Looks Completely Unrecognizable After He’s Rescued

The townspeople treated him like a monster, yelling at him and throwing things at him.
Augustus is a stray dog, so h.o.r.r.I.b.l.y ne.glec. Ted that he didn’t appear as if a dog in the least. In fact, nobody could tell what quite animal he was!

But once the amazing folks at the bottom of Alabama Save Rescue Adopt (HASRA) saw his photo, they brought him in to start his new life.

He came from the worst case of a.b.u.s.e and N.E.G.L.E.C.T the staff had ever seen.

Auggie had to be hospitalized and treated for weeks. He required antibiotics, and a daily gel treatment to peel off the layers of “potato chip-like” scales that formed on his coat.

Slowly, but surely, the scales came off and Auggie seemed like a raw burn victim. Still, the staff had no clue what breed or mix he was.

Augie was transferred to the HASRA shelter to continue daily essential oil care and bathing; he liked the coconut oil massage and felt comfortable again.

Despite a lifetime of pain and N.E.G.L.E.C.T, Auggie would undergo his daily treatments while looking back at his heroes with eyes filled with gratitude and love.

The more he recovered, the more he revealed himself to be the foremost loving pup.

When the staff started a Facebook page for Auggie, animal lovers around the world fell crazy and followed his progress.

Auggie has since been adopted by a lady named Jordan. She feels blessed to be the lucky one who need to adopt this living miracle.

Remember, no one knows how Augie was accused, as if free from scales and painful infection.

When you see Auggie’s mind-blowing transformation at the 1:10 mark, you’ll be shocked to find out this beautiful black and white Border collie mix. So gorgeous!

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