Angel was seen saving a stray dog on the way home from school

It all happened so quickly. It was extremely emotional. Last week, on a damp and gloomy day, Mayane Rodrigues saw something gorgeous happen outside the window of her apartment in Brazil.
From a range, on the street below, Rodrigues found a young girl stopping on the rainy sidewalk while walking home from school. She would certainly put down her umbrella, removed her backpack and then removed her coat.

Then Rodrigues saw a sopping-wet stray young puppy at the girl’s feet– and realized it was all for her.

Rodrigues watched as the girl supported the dog in her arms and continued her way. To her, she was like an angel.

” It all happened so quickly. It was very emotional,” Rodrigues informed The Dodo. “I sent the video to a buddy who, shared it to a neighborhood group, and after that I found out that the angel was.”
Her name is Cibely Stiegelmair She’s 12 years of ages. And that day, she saved a life.

” I was surprised when she arrived with the puppy because she was extremely sweaty and wet from the rainfall,” Rejane Stiegelmair, Cibely’s mom, informed The Dodo. “There was blood on her shirt. I thought she had actually been injured, however she told me she found the young puppy hurt.”

Fortunately, the young puppy wasn’t too badly harmed. It was nothing that a little love and treatment could not heal.
Having seen the young puppy there all alone, Cibley recognized she had to offer it herself.

” Cibely has an excellent heart. She feels very sorry for stray dogs,” Rejane claimed. “If she could bring them all home, she would.”

The dog, whom Cibely named Pretinha, has been welcomed right into the family’s home with open arms.
Nobody knows for certain how Pretinha came to be stranded on the sidewalk that day, however one thing is clear thanks to Cibely, her future has never ever looked brighter.